Force majeure

Force majeure, what happens to the contracting relationships in this case?

Through the act no. 243, dated 24.03.2020, in the Republic of Albania was announced the state of Natural Disaster which was extended until June 23rd.

In contractual relationships this situation falls under the provisions of the Force majeure. In some contracts such situations are specified and regulated, thereby offering specific solutions for such scenarios. This is the best solution because the parties agree between them and decide what will happen with the contractual rights and obligations. However, there are many other contracts which have not predicted the way of resolving the consequences caused in these specific situations. For these types of contracts, the need for a legal expert is significant.

There are different types of contracts, consequently the problems that may have been caused by the parties due to this situation are also different.

Please do not worry about unjustified economic damages. If you need help you can contact us immediately. The situation is quite delicate and requires a sophisticated legal support based on the study of laws and legal practices to avoid serious financial consequences.

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