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Digital nomad, residing in Albania! The world is constantly evolving at a frenetic pace, which directly affects the way we, build our daily lives. During the global pandemic of Covid-19, the need arose for many companies and individuals to completely restructure the way they work.
Digital nomads are foreign nationals who work in different places, excluding working in an office or headquarters of an institution or company. Their work is mainly remote, where information technology tools are the main means of work. So, in conclusion, these people can work remotely in any place they want.

Seeing this ever-increasing trend, the Albanian legislation, with the approval of the law No. 79/2021 “On foreigners” and DCM no. 858/2021 “On the determination of criteria, procedures and documentation for the entry, stay and treatment of foreigners in the Republic of Albania” has now incorporated into the types of residence permits what is called “Residence permit as Digital Nomad”.
The responsible authority for the border and migration provides the foreigner with a “Unique Permit for Digital Nomads” with a term of up to 1 year, for the first time, in cases where the foreign citizen has a legal residence in the Republic of Albania.
Persons interested in obtaining a Residence Permit as a “Digital Nomad” must submit the file with the necessary documentation, which consists of:

1. A copy of the passport,
2. A document proving accommodation in the Republic of Albania,
3. Proof of social and health insurance, etc.

For the countries that are not part of the Schengen Area and neither do they have a cooperation agreement with the Albanian government, the Albanian law requires to be provided with an Albanian type D long-term visa. It is important to emphasize that for these citizens a long-term D Visa is always required if they want to be provided with an Albanian Residence Permit. The visa is also required even if these citizens are resident in an Europian Country.

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