Albania is a developing country and has recently adopted legislation in favor of attracting foreign investments, as well as offering employment opportunities for many foreign citizens. In order to work or invest in Albania, citizens of the European Union, American and Kosovo citizens must be provided with an Employment Declaration. All citizens who do not belong to the group of countries mentioned above must be provided with a Work Permit.

The most common ways to obtain a Work Permit or Employment Declaration in Albania are as follows:

  • Open your own business in Albania (Self-Employed)
  • Be employed in an Albanian company (Employed)

The application for the Work Permit or Employment Declaration requires specific documentation where among the most important documents you must have are the following:

  • if you are self-employed you have to rent or own a place where you will live during your stay in Albania.
  • If you are employed, the most important document you should have is a regular employment contract with an Albanian business.

For more information on the procedure, if you have the above documents, you can contact us at any time and our staff is more than ready to assist you at every stage of the procedure until you are provided with the Work Permit/Employment Declaration.

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