The several years of experience in the field of commercial law enables us to provide detailed legal assistance regarding the registration of different forms of companies as following:

  • Person physic
  • Limited liability company
  • Joint Stock Company
  • Branches of foreign companies
  • Representation offices

The legal assistance of registering your company includes following the entire legal process by professionals and experts of the commercial field to complete all the steps as below:

  • Legal assistance regarding the necessary documents for the establishment of the company and the preparation of drafts of these documents
  • Company registration near the National Business Center
  • Registration in the local Municipality for local tax purposes
  • Notifying the Labor Inspectorate
  • Procurement of the company seal
  • Activation of the company profile in e-Albania
  • Activation of the Electronic Certificate
  • Activation of Electronic Signature
  • Legal assistance with the selection of a software program for the fiscalization process
  • E-filing account activation
  • Registration of the beneficial owner in the Public Register of Beneficial Owners
  • Legal assistance for bank account activation

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